I haven't blogged any of my silly MSN messages for a while.. here's a conversation I had with a friend a few minutes ago regarding the unemployed committee's protests:

SBG says:

what are u so happy about ?

"dumbo" says:

they are so stupid ..

SBG says:


"dumbo" says:

i know the whole thing but they shouldnt do it this way

SBG says:

any suggestions?

"dumbo" says:

we cant do anything.. let it be

SBG says:

great way of thinkingkeep it up

"dumbo" says:

they will probably do some bombing soon and say that those ppl did it .. now they will become like alqaeda .. blamed for everything

PS:: I called him dumbo not because he is dumb.. but to protect his identity!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

i wont attempt to get anywhere near decoding this conversation

under no circumstances will i give you the pleasure of knowing who they refers to

Angelo Embuldeniya said...


"under no circumstances will i give you the pleasure of knowing who they refers to"

No worries about 'they', but im being a bit nosey tonite i know, so who's 'he' that you refer to? :-D

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

we will keep HE's identity a secret for now..

i may confess under interrogation, though..

i am a weak soul with an even weaker body ;)

Roonie said...

Well...you must've picked "dumbo" for a reason...?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

it's extremely easy to upload pix on blogger...

when u post an entry, you will see an icon with a picture on it

follow the signs ... and you will ge there ;)

alternatively, ask a computer whiz for help

that's what technologically challenged people do: i scream wolf wolf !

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