Every morning I start with an ambitious list of things to do .. and by the time night falls ... it still seems to me that I have not achieved anything I had planned for the day that's almost gone.

Yes, time flies...and ever since leaving my full-time job, it seems that my time-management skills have gone rusty.


Don't get me wrong. I am busy the whole day it seems with getting a little bit of everything done. This means that while I am multi-tasking and doing a bit of this and a teeny bit of that - I don't seem to get all that I wanted done over and out of the way!

This only means something .. and one thing .. I need a change of scene. Nothing right now could lift my spirits more than a shopping expedition to reward myself for all the good deeds I have achieved and give me the incentive to do other good stuff!

Like I need an excuse for shopping!


nzm said...

Speaking of shopping, look at this little gem which leads on the UAE Gulf News' website today.

I bet that this guy has a wonderful way with women!!

Me said...

Shopping is always great for such moments! therapeutic in a way. have fun, you did so well, go and reward yourself! Enjoy!

Ammaro said...

you know, this whole multitasking thing isn't really as efficient as it seems, or makes us feel.

you end up wasting so much time in between the small tasks, and never get anything done, but on the other hand youre overwhelming yourself with the little tasks that you feel like youre busy, and your mind confuses that for actually achieving something.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

that article is brilliant.. I just hope my better half doesn't see it!

Thanks :) Can you hear my evil laugh?

Spot on. But I really do get things done - I swear.. slowly but surely :)

Life of Arab Woman said...

totally agree. retail therapy. but there is another one: chocolate. imagine a galaxy one, and you are eating it with some soft music and not thinking of anything. let it melt in your mouth..OH. i made myself needing a chocolate.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Don't get me started on chocolate Arab Woman .. I am guilty as charged .. and he is now starting to hide chocolate from me :)

Joeprah said...

Sounds completely reasonable. You deserve a little something nice.

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