I don't really know what our Bahraini bloggers were going on about when they complained about being stuck in traffic for an hour or two when the shrub passed through town.

At least he provided them with some much needed entertainment .. dancing the traditional war dance sure sends some signals.. Surprised how the fanatics didn't rise up in arms over an infidel dancing without a permit in public .. sigh!

Having said that.. you all ultimately got to work that day, had time to reflect on life, road planning, your places as citizens in the scope of things and the impact of US foreign policies on your being .. Hope it also gave you ideas on how to devise ways to kill boredom :)

Our friends in Dubai weren't as lucky as the whole country was paralysed. Imagine shutting down what is being marketed as a world hub which doesn't sleep because a plant which is past its sell-by date is coming to terms with geography and understanding that the Gulf isn't necessarily the Gulf of Mexico.

How many people will have the balls to sue for lost business, considering they had no warning to prepare them for the shut down? Read the comments on this article to see how knee-jerk reactions effected your average Joe .. who is now not too happy with Bush & Co.

The good news is that he rarely travels .. and the likelihood of this ever happening again is next to nil. The bad news is that again .. you the subjects .. have no right to access information to at least enable you to plan your life and navigate the route you take to work. So what if you are stuck for four hours in traffic? So what if you don't turn up at work? So what if you lose a deal or two? You don't matter .. what matters most is keeping Uncle Sam happy .. happier than you would ever be!


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