Silly has gone senile.

I have so much work to do .. and am so restless.

It is snowing outside .. and part of me is so inclined to get all three of us (me, myself and I) into the car, along with the camera for a spin. I mean could literally mean just that - a spin. To get to anywhere near where I live, which is decent enough for someone of my status, I would have to go to the mountain. This means slopes and depending on the road conditions and the speed at which the car (which drives itself in conditions like this) goes, the likelihood of a spin is very much on the books.

I have an itch though.. and it is called the spending itch .. even if it means browsing around the supermarket and coming back home loaded with things I won't really use or find anything useful for ever.

My other option, of course, is to bury my nose into some work ... or turn on the TV and curl on the sofa. Or go out .. or not go out .. or read .. or .. not read .. or simply sit back and think.

I woke up early this morning .. and it's just 10.30am now and since I don't know what to do with myself .. I will have to retrace my steps this morning .. and perhaps go back to sleep and start from scratch again.


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