Belated Happy New Year!

Survived my five days in Bahrain and am back to the comforts of my self-exile. I could have stayed for more time if I wanted to, but to tell you the truth, five days was more than I could really handle, given the current circumstances - and I am not talking politics.

There is a surreal feeling to returning home after being away for a while. You just look at things differently. Despite my natural inclination to silliness, I tried to reason with myself and actually made time to sit together with me, myself and I. Without mincing words, I told them that we were bound to return one day and that there was no escape and that we had to deal with the situation at hand in a more realistic manner. The prankster in me, however, turned the serious discussions into a farce and here we are back in Eskimoland - having decided to cross that bridge once we get to it again.

We also caught up with family and friends and met with a few bloggers, which was really awesome and truly the highlight of my trip. You guys rock. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more of you in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Also, if you ever are around in this part of the world, please do contact us and me, myself and I would be more than glad to take you around!

While in Wonderland, the weather too was pleasant. My in-laws were arguing with me to wear something - anything - as they said it was cold. I flogged a jumper around with me to keep them happy as they really have a vested interest in protecting the incubator of their future grandchildren.

Speaking of children, while most people I met were respectful and did not butt their noses into my privates .. erm .. I mean private business .. I have had a rub in with an obnoxious piece of shit who made it a point to parade her demonic spawns of the devil in front of me daily and tell me how sad it was that I was without child!

Being polite in public company (unlike how I am here), I bit my tongue and resisted from telling her that I am still today a good 15 years younger than her when she got married!

I was nice enough to explain to her that I personally didn't feel responsible enough yet to have a brat or two running around in circles around me yet and that I still had time. She persisted in her argument, with the spawns of Satan running around, screaming their heads off for attention.

"This isn't how I want to live my life," I told her while pointing to her unruly brood.

"God will give you this one day," she retaliated.

"And since you have so much experience with bad behaviour and since you are so concerned with my barren state of affairs, I hope you wouldn't mind taking care of them on my behalf when God decides it's time for me to change diapers and clean up pooop," I retorted.

Reflecting back on the situation, I should have just asked her to mind her own business. Then again, we are too much of hypocrites to really tell people in the face what we really think of them and their meddling in our private affairs!


BuZain said...

You rock too SBG. Your sense of humor is much more fun face-to-face :)

We miss you already ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks BuZain! I am glad you enjoyed the dosage of mild silliness :)

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