I am returning home with mixed feelings. As much as I would love to be back home and see family and friends, as much as I am dreading coming back to a war zone, where stone throwers are being met by mercenaries, tear gas and rubber bullets.

People say that the war has started in Wonderland. A man was killed by the riot police. Others have been arrested. I spoke to a friend who said: I wish the government would just send missiles to those villages and flatten them. She was my friend. I, who is articulate at the worst cases, became tongue-tied.

Missiles? Flatten the villages?

I am sure I will have a lot of those arguments in the days to come. A lot of them. And I am in no mind for them really. Not because I don't care for my country and what is happening at home - but because anything I say or not say will not make a difference. The fact which remains is that another young man has died for nothing. After all, it is people who really love this country who are calling those stone throwers traitors, arsonists and criminals. And the rest of us should shut up.. lest we end up holed in a cell adjacent to theirs.

I am sick of the hatred.. and tired of people who blindly believe in propaganda from both sides - That young 31-year-old man was killed at the hands of mercenaries. And there is nothing and no evidence which will change that. My country employs mercenaries. My country deals with citizens with an iron fist. My country has no respect for human rights. And my country is arrogant. My country is insecure. My country behaves like a child, with knee jerk reactions - correcting every mistake with a bigger one. Two wrongs don't make a right .. and when the wrongs start climbing, and the masses say we have had enough - they are met with more violence by riot police and mercenaries whose only fuel is hatred and racism.

With those feelings, I am returning home with my head down. I will be back fuming with anger. My blood will be boiling .. as I continue to see things with one eye shut, and hear things and not be able to react to them. And my tongue will have to take a holiday and so will my keyboard.

With this thought, I wish you all a happy new year. Happy Holidays my good friends.


LonelyReds said...

Nice blog, found it in Google while searching for "May Allah Rest His Soul". lol. im goin to be ur fan.
have good time.

Ammaro said...

its a mess here dear... its good to know you're back, but again, your voice counts, as does all of ours. looks bleak right now, but hopefully we can all make a little difference.

adnans said...

as much as you love as much as you get hurt! once one day i was passing by unsecured area and i was listening to evanescence... the song was saying "it's not what it seems
not what you think
no i must be dreaming
it's only in my mind
not in real life
no i must be dreaming.." just then i cried!. it's easy to describe the scene (seeing the fires and people running here and there..) but really hard to express your feeling, thoughts and things that even cannot be worded deep in your heart. i was in that situation that moment..overwhelmed.. i thought that I Must Be Dreaming!

Unknown said...

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