From Boston to Dubai, friends join me in lamenting today's snag in Gmail.

Are you facing the same problem? Is it refusing to load? Is it asking you to view emails in basic html? It is not opening attachments? Is it not allowing you to go into the dozen of Google Groups you are an effective member on?

Oh .. you don't operate a paperless virtual office like me? How sweet!

What am I supposed to do now, when all my work and documents are on Gmail? Curl up on the sofa and catch up with television?

And what do I watch? The Food Network? I now know how to cook about everything I need to know how to cook! Seriously! Watch Friends reruns?

Help .. without Gmail.. there can be nothing left for me to do.


Saned! said...

This is what happened:

Read to the end. Hope the service is back!

Ammaro said...

i didnt have a chance to feel the "gmail snag". after all, batelco was down for a full day :p

Unknown said...

try its the mobile version but works gr8 on low bandwidth :D

Barsawad said...

I use most of Google services - they are the best. But, I use Zoho too; they have some superb services. Give Zoho a try.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks folks ..
It was just a glitch .. got the blue screen and all ...

and had to plug and unplug the machine with the blue chord attached to the other machine with the lots of flashing lights ..

It is a mess .. sigh!

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