It is not everyday that I talk to You so openly. I am appealing to your mercy today and am begging You to protect me from liars and hypocrites or rather protect them from me and my fiery temper .. for I can no longer smile and be patient with them.

Dear God,
Please shelter me away from stupid people, because my patience has run out and I can't stand stupidity anymore. Please God make sure they don't cross my path over the next two decades, for I am sure to eat their heads. I suggest a break of two decades until I cool down .. and the chill pill works!

Dear God,
If we are all Your creations, why did You make sure there were enough stupid people around to make my mind tick several times a day? Or why did You create me differently? Why can't I be a selfish indifferent self-centered cow too? Why can't I be part of the herd?

Dear God,
All I am appealing for is peace. Peace. I don't want to be annoyed anymore. Please. I don't want to get angry. And I don't want to think. Please God stop me from thinking about the stupidity, lies and hypocrisy around me. For two decades only. Please.

Dear God,
Is two decades of stupidity too much to grant me? I swear I won't stoop as low as the specimens I see around me .. and will still adhere to some of the wisdom You bestowed upon me .. but I am tired of being right .. and righteous and correct .. I now pray for two decades of an uninterrupted stupidity bliss. Please. For me. Look. I am even smiling.

Also God,
Please keep loud people away from me. Or give me the power to keep quiet and not tell them off for their cabaret manners.

Thank you.

Your Obedient Servant,


Shusma said...

For some reason I think you would be a scary person to get on your bad side.

Hani Obaid said...

On the other hand, the people you mentioned demand someone to "bite their head off".

Give 'em hell !

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