Mt temper, even when I am on a chill pill, is short, at the best of circumstances. It comes with my genes. In a package, me and temper go hand in hand and our relationship has been volatile, even at the best of times.

Now take a deep breath and consider the following two annoyances I have had to go through today.

Episode One:

My friend Abood came to me with a great gift - a VoIP phone with a Bahrain number from Etisalcom. As much as I am happy with the development which will help cut down phone bills immensely - I am banging my head against the walls trying to get the damned thing work. I followed the directions to the T. Forget about me. Mr Fix-It tried too and even Abood tried to get the bloody thing to work! And.. I am angry. It isn't working.

I tried calling them and the line doesn't go through. Are those people for real? Can someone in Bahrain please check and let me know.

Episode Two:

Our Red passports are running out and we need to renew them. Since there isn't a Bahraini Embassy in Canada, our best bet was contacting our Embassy in Washington DC. Fadia, who answered the phone, said that it could take between two to SIX weeks for that to happen. SIX weeks? Why? Are they waiting for the camel caravan to take our passports back to Bahrain via the Silk Route?



Gardens of Sand said...

Hey Silly,
Send your passport to the embassy and ask them to give you an extension til you get to Bahrain.

My passport expired and I sent it to Ba7rain hoping that would be faster! Needless to say it wasn't ready. Within two days, the embassy issued a laissez passer and off I went to Bahrain with my jawaz bu safra. The embassy told me that all they needed to do was stamp my passport and I would've been all set to go.

PS: send a money order, not money. My cash disappeared at the embassy! Also, I live 30 mins away from the embassy if you want help, let me know

Ammaro said...

hehe. just use skype and buy a headset. why bother with the whole phone and stuff :p i used to do that, very easy to use. hope it helps

as for the renewal, well, if youre really stuck, Fedex me your passport and ill take it to jawazat here and get ill sort it out :p it takes one day only to issue a new passport nowadays, believe it or not. bahraini efficiency. woohoo.

Hani Obaid said...

Get 2 (vonage) voip routers with US numbers. You can hook up any phone you want to them. Next time you go to bahrain give your parents (or whoever you wanna tlak to there)one of them, and keep the other one.

Not only can you call each other (vonage to vonage), but any number in the US and Canada (vonage to land-line or vonage to mobile) for an unlimited number of minutes. The cost is fixed at $15 a month. The line is as clear as a regular phone line.

and Vonage are for real, and they will help you if you have problems setting them up.

Just something to consider if your friend's gift doesn't work out.

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