Ok .. he's threatening me, he'll Kiss and Tell... so I better beat him and tell all.

Yesterday, we dropped Abood's car at his hotel's car park and decided to walk back to my apartment and have dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Well, that was the plan.

What happened next took us completely by surprise as we ended up playing: spot the number on the cards exercise for the rest of the night.

I told him I was bad at math .. that I have barely ever passed math papers.. and he insisted that we weren't counting and just trying to dab the numbers being called off and that it would be fun. It was as he said a way to exercise our minds.

Three hours later .. $40 poorer.. we stagger out of the BINGO hall.. proud of our achievements that we now know our numbers and how to spell the word B I N G O.

He was annoyed that the 92 year old in front of us won $1000 and that the 79 year old besides us nearly fainted when she won $3000.

Nah .. we didn't win anything .. nor was Abood able to score brownie points with the Golden Girls, who snubbed him because he was out with Bambie, ie, me.

hehe .. but I won the compliments of an elderly lady in a wheelchair who said my eyes were pretty .. while Abood returned to his hotel empty-handed!

Phew .. now that this is off my chest .. lemme see if I can trick him into going to the Falls View Casino in Niagara Falls..


Ammaro said...

the same way you wouldnt challenge michael jordan to a basketball game, DONT CHALLENGE OLD LADIES TO BINGO!

I mean, look how old they are? You know how many YEARS they've been playing that game?

So, it cost you $40 and you got a compliment?

Hell, i'll give out compliments for $10.


Max of 10 per person

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