The weather outside is crappy. This means it is so misty and cloudy, I can't even see the building next door.
It's dark and gloomy and cold and wet. It short, it's annoying.

Having said this, I am in a better mood. And am happy for a change.

Friends in Bahrain ask: how are you doing this and why are you there? How did you leave a full life, a demanding job and a social life unmatched anywhere else in the world to lock yourself up between four walls - in a place which is winter for six months of the year? In short, I am doing it for love and to be with the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with.

Everyone deserves love. Everyone needs to be loved. And sometimes things aren't easy. Sometimes there are rough paths and hard decisions to make. And this was one of them.

Having admitted this: I say I am happy with my situation overall because I have no regrets. I miss my family, but I know they are always there for me; I am not too pleased with winter, but I know it will be spring before I even know it; I have made a conscious decision not to make many friends, whom I know I will leave when I return to civilisation; And I am so excited my sentence is coming to an end soon and I will be back HOME, to my wonderland... where nothing is what it appears to be.


Ammaro said...

i keep getting confused... is your hubby with you or otherwise?

Westy said...

you should head over here to Australia for some sun and surf... we are entering into summer, hitting 25 degrees, blue skies, clear beaches...

there is not much I will gloat about but this is definately one of them... in saying that it will prob rain for the next week in punishment.

Fadi said...

I'm glad that you are happy even though you are frozen.. Most inportant is the warmth of the heart.


Joeprah said...

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