It's been a while... and today, the day I decide to snap out of it ... I wake up and it's snowing!! And the bastards are threatening us that the temperatures will drop to -10 C tomorrow! Excuse me? That wasn't the deal. No where in our agreement did we decide that the forces of nature would work against me. No where did I accept that my mood would not be synchronised with the weather.

And since you have not kept your word.. I won't keep my end of the bargain too. In keeping with my decision to swim against the tide, that snow will not lock me up indoors! I made plans yesterday to get into my car and get out of here. Snow or no snow .. I am going out. Where to is still to be decided! If I take the highway East, I will be in Toronto. If I take the highway and continue West .. I end up at Niagara Falls.. If I venture further, I will be in Buffalo, where the outlet malls are calling me. But I did that yesterday. Yesterday, I went with Abood and two of his friends to the US of A and all I bought was a jacket. For an amazing bargain, I now have a black designer coat to die for. But with the sky taking a shit today and my dedication to spend the day outdoors, I feel my lovely jacket would be too much of a waste. And I still can't accept the idea of wearing layers of clothes .. so my toes will freeze .. and my fingers.. and my nose .. and everything else in me .. but I still want to hit the road...with an acquaintance.. who will be calling me in 10 minutes. I asked him to call at 11 so that we can plan our day .. When the phone rings in nine minutes..I will have to decide where I want to go .. and what I want to wear .. and what I want to do.

Nine minutes? How can you decide anything in nine minutes when the forces of nature are obviously working against you?

Eight minutes? You must be out of your mind.. I am a Libra by birth and profession. I won't be bullied into making a decision anytime soon.

I will take my own sweet time now that I only have seven minutes to decide what and where and how and when and why!

Six minutes don't even allow me to put my mind together or decide what I want for dinner when I am back.

Get a life ... if you think that a ticking clock means anything to me. It doesn't I do things at my own pace and live life according to what works best for me.

Three minutes my foot you delusional clock. Go fuck yourself you retard. You are so so so backward and you still have no idea who the new me is. All the time you think I was doing nothing, I was thinking. The power of the mind is something you can never get close to understanding because you are a moron.

Two minutes! Great. Two can play the same game. You keep ticking while I move at my own pace. After you explode, I might make a move or I might not. Regardless, you won't be there to know and I won't give you the pleasure of knowing. Explode. Please.

One minute. A minute is a long time you know. Too long. It takes split seconds to make life changing decisions .. and I haven't made mine.

I will decide where we are going .. once I am in the car. And my decision is FINAL.


Ammaro said...

haha, this is a great post, i love the story and the countdown, and the ending :D nice one

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Ammar!
Don't you feel sorry for time?

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