I don't know what it is that has made her tick .. but an old timer on the Bahraini blogosphere is making a come back.
Let's give a big round of applause to Babbling Bahrania. You have been missed.
While you were away, there have been serious changes in Wonderland. I am sorry to break the news but someone has to be the bearer of bad news and in keeping with tradition, I don't mind being the scapegoat.
My dear fellow blogger. Be careful of what you write. Watch your back. Don't think for a minute you are free. Please exercise self-censorship. If that is not enough, please send a copy of anything you intend to post on your blog to the Bahraini Ministry of Information to stamp it for approval before getting youself into trouble. Imagine banners saying Free Bahrania all over cyberspace? Or posters with Unblock Bahrania popping up on your screen everytime you log on the www??
As long as you keep away from politics, or religion, or better still - both, I think you will be safe. Remember not to write anything meaningful, not to pose questions and not to call a spade a spade, because spades dig deep and get all the buried dirt out.
Other than this .. good luck..goodbye and good night (in no particular order)!!


Silveroo The Sailor said...

this is awesome!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

It certainly is .. I was just over at your blog .. and it looks awesome too! I love the new design!

BB said...

Babes, its all good...someone's gotta dig the shit out...and clearly thats where anonymous blogging comes to good use!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Keep digging girl or boy or whoever you are.. You certainly are doing a great job diggin!!

Hawkeyes said...

Me too have been keeping an eye on you.

channeldraw said...



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