Here's an MSN conversation I have just had with a friend back in Bahrain. I could be shallow and naive at times.. but I uphold my right to be SILLY!!

Amira says:
how is bahrain? haha.. i am so happy i wasnt there for the elections
E says:
البحرين ناقصه طلتك البهية
Amira says:
what's the reaction to the election results?? I hear some people arent happy and others are !!
E says:
الكل له طلباته والكل يعتقد أنه عنده العصى السحرية
والكل مثل ما انتي عارفة يفكر نفسه الأفضل
Amira says:
akeed...but the results are shocking to say the least:
1. no women ??
2. no liberals??
3. only wefaqi shias and salafi sunnis??
Come on, is this Bahrain???
Do you have to have a beard to become a member of parliament? Is this the only criteria??
E says:
لا هذي توجه أهل البحرين من زمان الكل يخاف من مطاوعته
أنا عن نفسي صوت حق سيدة فاضلة
وأعرف وحدة صايعة صوتت حق مطوع
Amira says:
isn't it sick that people elected candidates based on their sect alone?
E says:
شي يلوع الكبد هذا الواقع يعكس الجهل في الشارع البحريني
الكل يقول اتركه على ذمة بولحية وخلاص


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