One of the first questions I and any other rational person (not that I am that rational but this is another issue altogether) ask themselves before attempting to do anything is: WHY?

I just got an email which I read quickly - lest someone is sneaking up behind me and rats that I have access to contraband material from blocked internet sites, which are banned by my esteemed government and which I shouldn't be reading to begin with - and was about to delete it when I realised that maybe .. just maybe.. it shouldn't go in the trash and should be read again.

Here's the offending email:
Important and Urgent

To all news agencies, media individuals and concerned

We - the undernamed- cordially invite you to attend and cover the rally we call for protesting on the conspiracy on the people of Bahrain- as reported by Al-Bandar- starting at 3pm, Friday 17th November 2006, from the square near the Ras Al- Rumman Grand Mosque, along King’s Faisal towards the Financial Harbor in the Capital Manama.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the organizing committee has passed a written notification to the Head of Security of the Capital Governorate dated 12th November 2006 with the list of the names below which includes political, human, women, labour activists as well as religious figures and dignitaries.

Your presence will be ethical to witness the expected attack by members of the security forces

Individuals call for the rally:

Shaikh Isa Al-Jowder, Mr Ali Rabea, Mr Hasan Mushaima, Mr Hisham Shehaby, Mr Saeed Al-Asbool, Mrs Layla Dashti, Shaikh Mohamed Mahfood, Sayed Jaffar Alawi, Sayed Kamel Al-Hashemi, Dr Abduljalil Alsingace, Mr Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, Mr Nabeel Rajab, Mr Mohamed Al-Maskati, Mrs Ghada Jamsheer, Shaikh Ali Bin Ahmed Al-jedhafsi, Shaikh Mohamed Al-Muqdad, Mr Ameer Arab, Mr Salah Al-Khawajah, Shaikh Abdulla Al-Saleh, Dr Rashid Al-Rashid, Sayed Ahmed Al-Majed

Here is where I get confused and where my blood starts to boil.

Every Bahraini has the right to know whether the aforementioned report by the someone whose name should not to be repeated unless you want your balls chopped off and fed to the dogs is true or not. There should be an investigation and we the public have the right to know the TRUTH and whether there really is a grand scheme to alter the demographic composition of Wonderland or not - (not that this is the only allegation made in that report). Right? Wrong!

Every Bahraini should understand that he has no rights to demand answers and he should only know what he is allowed to know. He should fully understand that his rights as a subject are limited to bowing his head down in either servitude or shame or humiliation (doesn't really matter as long as it is low enough).

What is the point of having a rally when you already know what the consequences are and that the goons will have the upper hand and brutally attack anyone who dares question what is happening in ones country?

I understand the frustration and anger of a few but it really means nothing to the parasites who are benefiting from the scheming thieving system which insists that those who decide to swim against the tsunami will ultimately be bought and sold with the only currency that talks nowadays: $$$$!!

Why the silence? Because some of us are quite rightly still in shock.

Why hasn't there been any official comment or clarification on the matter? What matter? Next item..move on you buggers.. nothing will change..

Why do you want to know and what gives you the right to assume that you have the right to know?

I don't know what brings those 20 or so signatories from a myriad of conflicting ideologies under one banner .. but if I were you I would be asking too! Something is fishy there..

Also, if they all know there will be a bloody confrontation, why should they give those mercenaries a chance to beat them up black and blue? Is it some sadistic trait I am yet to understand?

And most importantly, why are they/we/you so concerned about Wonderland, that ungrateful hypocritical prostitute whose legs are wide open for a few to do with it as they please?


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