Thou shall vote and thou shall not have the right to question the 'integrity' of the polls... Read the following lines carefully with me:

Meanwhile, the Election Supreme Committee has decided to strictly enforce Article 30 of the Election Law, said Ms Al Sayed.

"Those who question the integrity of the election, without any proof or evidence, will be prosecuted," she added.

"Those who make public announcements to confuse or misguide voters or those who spread rumours about the integrity of the elections will be taken to the Public Prosecutor.

"They face six months jail sentence or BD500 fine, or both."

haha .. I swear I have never laughed as hard as I have laughed tonight. I mean Laughterland .. oops Wonderland.. is full of fools and jokers who have not read enough of Shakespeare to realise that the madman is the only one who speaks the truth.

Literary jargon aside, I am glad I am not in Bahrain and not being subjected to the humiliation of fulfuling my rightful democratic rights as a citizen BY FORCE, without the right to question whether the procedure or results were correct or not..

What am I going on about.. haha.. as if ... a puppet parliament is capable of changing a sad sad reality. Cry my beloved country :(


Um Naief said...

Do you think it'll ever change?

On another note, what is the Global Voices Summit?

Don Quay said...

Exercise your right to be left.

Don Quay

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Dear Don Quay (not to be pronounced Donkey I presume),
What does your comment mean?

Yes.. It always has to change.. to the worse! Also click on the icon on the right to see what GV is all about.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Did you see the article in The Economist on the politics of Bahrain?

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