I am no Michelle Obama .. but what's new in this? 
Is she the first or last woman to give up on her life and career for a man - any man - even if he were the President of the US of A? 

That is a sacrifice many of us career-driven women are faced with. The other choice, of course, is to marry a dim wit, whose idea of life doesn't embrace the world CHANGE... or not to get married at all! 

Change? Obama? mmmm .. I will leave this rant to another time. 


Tempuser55 said...

nice to see that she is sacrificing her career for the best of her country, no doubt her many will pay her for what she is sacrificing so she isn't loosing anything at the same time.

His success will be her success as well, this will result in a positive image of her in the media as well, and in the long run she will be more popular and can continue her career were ever she wants.

If I were to choose what kind of a dog the kids should have, it would be a pittbull :D

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