McCain McCain 
I don't want to ever type your name again

It gives me pain 
It drives me insane

And what's with Palin 
And her fear of Stalin 

A dumb selection for a twin 
Makes me wonder if you ever wanted to win


Unknown said...

Yeah, what is with her unwarranted (even though she never spoke of him) fear of someone like Stalin. He only committed atrocities that led to the deaths of nearly twenty million people.

Exactly what unhinged Obamaniacs, like yourself, want to see happen to innocent people in this country. That's why your voting for hurt others.

Jillian said...

atshore, what is wrong with you? Fear-mongering crap about Obama being a socialist, really? That's just pathetic, and false.

Unknown said...

lol, that's funny :)

Zeyad Zainal said...

Palin doesn't rhyme with Stalin.

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