The whole of yesterday seems like the stuff dreams are made of. I am still not grasping it - perhaps because I was too busy, too wound up and too involved. And perhaps because I was bringing my own excess baggage into the equation, for in my country, aspiring to do that amounts to treason. 

Anyway, it isn't about me and my messy existence. It is about dreams becoming a reality, hundreds of millions of people inspired, saying enough and insisting on change, and the whole world rejoicing. America has not let the world down. The past eight years have been a downer. And after all the rhetoric shoved down our throats for the past 18 months, there better be change. 

Anyway, this post is not about that too. It is to draw your attention to the phenomenal efforts at Voices without Votes, and specifically to this liveblog, where you can register your thoughts and add links to your blogs or blogs you read: 


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