the sun is out! 

For five weeks, it has been hiding behind the heavy clouds. And today, just now, it is shining and its warmth is making me want to run out  - not a bad idea on a warm day like this when the temperature is only ZERO degrees Celsius. 

Being a sun whore, living in a place where the sun sinks into the horizon well before 5pm, when it becomes pitch black, dampens my spirits a lot. 

Being the ultimate geek, tapping away at my keyboard, day in, day out, I find it difficult to cut the umbilical chord feeding me with news and gossip from around the world - and relate to the real world, where suns shine and tornadoes hit people, and thus when the sun's rays knock on my windows - like they are doing now - I find myself still typing away and before I know it, there is no sun anymore. 

But this won't happen today - as I am determined not only at getting some sun, and doing loads of shopping - but also getting a lovely tan for my return home. 

When you see fireworks in the skies of Wonderland - you now know what they occasion is!! 


Hani Obaid said...

We get too much sun here. If it wasn't for the environmental impact, I'd be happy if the sun disappeared permanently!

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