Seriously, is there a Republican convention going on in the US of A right now?
I don't seem to find any links for blogs talking about it for Voices without Votes. At all!!!
Help. If you see any links, please send them this way.

In other news, I have celebrated today's Iftar meal in an all you can eat mussels fiasco - alternating my pick between a mango and coconut sauce and a garlic and lemon and olives and capers one.

Is this acceptable? Seriously? Whatever is the case, it gives me enough cholesterol in my veins to usher in a heart attack just as I planned it would be - five years from now.

Will the heart attack kill me? I don't know .. and I shouldn't harbour such evil thoughts as I celebrate my fifth anniversary as a wife :)

In other news, I am iffing fed up with people asking me when I will have children. I won't. I mean, I can't - In short, I don't want to yet and I don't feel responsible enough for myself to be responsible enough for other people. Seriously. Stop it. Don't even talk about it or ask me. I will get a heart attack in five years, if not sooner, and the last thing I want to leave is a legacy. What if there was another Silly Bahraini Girl? Will that mean that the cycle will continue and we will never hear the end of it? Duh, even I am bored with this.

As an aside, I met an old woman, who lives in my building, this morning. And we have chatted loads of times before. Here goes the conversation:

Her: So are you back in school?
Me : I was never in school here .. and I don't need to be!
Her: So are your children back in school?
Me : I never had children ... I don't need to .. to be!
Her: Oh! Ok...
Me : Get a life!


PH said...

Ramadan Mubarak and Mabrook on your Fifth anniversary :).


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thank you PH. Season's greetings to you too :)

Highlander said...

Hey Silly Girl :) only you can make a post about your Fifth anniversary so hilarious.

Mabrouk sweetie and lots of hugs and kisses from Libya

oh and you know what?
Have a blessed Ramadan you and hubby...

JJ said...

Bahraini Girl (Hardly silly with such deep thoughts!)

Of course there is a Republican Convention:
This is Sarah Palin... she is amazing and I would love to hear what you think of Sarah Palin.

I will be leaving for Bahrain soon, what should I expect?

Lars Shalom said...

stories about mohammed the 2nd

Fatema Abuidrees said...

iv been readig a few of your posts, and you know what, it never accoured to me that you were married, and in fact celebrating your fifth year! congrats:) I guess what im trying to say is that your writing has a very young spirit! i imagined you in your early 20s like myself:)

madraskaari said...

Hee, hee, hee over your predicament :-).

been there.

Ethan Zuckerman's recommended this site to me.

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