...and silly materialistic shopaholic Bahraini girl needs a little something to brighten her life and make celebrating Ramadhan, suffering lonely Eids, and not seeing her lovely nephews and nieces for such long stretches of time worth it.

Ok ... you would argue that I just got a few toys recently, like my new laptop, camera lens, wii accessories, etc ... and yes, there is a recession and Wall Street fell down and Humpty Dumpty needs to be bailed out ... but what has all this got to do with me and my pressing need to visit Bloor Street and feel like a human being!

I must have been really charming in the way I proposed it ... because he said I can go there, provided I was QUICK! Having done my homework online, I know I will be able to strike a deal in split seconds. There is no going back now :)

Happy Eid everyone! My Eid will be complete soon :)


ammar said...

Don't know how i ended up here as iam pretty new with net surfing ,yet i was drawn into your comment and yes i agree and support it .Silly Arab women should take over .It is about time someone does something .....like your vivid ,active spirit...keep it up please...

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