When not silly or up to mischief, playing on my Wii or XBox, shopping (duh! Joy Oh Joy!), clicking away on my camera, washing dishes, vacuuming, whipping up feasts in my kitchen, entertaining guests or watering my cactus, I do some useful things in life - sometimes.

Here's a serious side of Silly Bahraini Girl I rarely allow to creep into this blog :)

I really really enjoy writing and communicating with people and am so passionate about it. It is my vocation - and whether on a newsdesk or tucked away in my apartment in the middle of nowhere, like my cactus, I will continue to poke if you don't handle me with care!

I hope you enjoy the interview. It gives you a sneak preview into my life .. and humble achievements :)

Thanks David!


David said...

Thank YOU, Amira. I appreciate your time answering my questions and I really appreciate your leadership and your work at VwV and GVO.

Now, you may resume your normal silliness here. ;)

arachesostufo said...

un saluto a voi da scorzè venezia, vi invito a visitare il mio blog Critica Trasversale, ciao

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