I am horrified. I am sat here in a hotel lobby in Toronto, eavesdropping on a family - a mother and her two monsters, aged maybe four and six. Scary. Serious racist scumbags of a calibre I have never seen before.

I didn't mean to eavesdrop. Seriously. I am just catching up on work, using the free wi-fi.

Little boy, playing with a plastic thingy, shouts: "I am allergic to Shish Kebab."
I look up. Nothing wrong. Shish kebab makes me hungry as it's 2.23pm and I need lunch.

Little girl, playing with - oh wait, it's plasticine and they are making figurines and playing with their mother - how sweet - yells: "Look mummy I made a monkey."

Mummy smiles back and says: "You made a Chinese!"


I need to get out of here. I don't know what they will say about me and I don't care. It is at moments like this where I wish I was deaf, dumb and even better blind.


Jassim M.S said...

I didn't really understand .. whats so racist about them?

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