I just got this interesting comment from a reader on a post I had written earlier about Moroccan prostitutes in the Gulf. See how proud she is to have second hand men abusing her until the next hot item parades herself in front of him:

habibti silly bahraini girl

as ur name shows,u r really silly,stupid and not mature at all!!! sorry to say that but the way u talk about moroccan girls means that u r simply jealous and frustrated!u have no right to talk about people of any nationality in such a way.let me show u something : moroccan girls are beautiful and u have to accepte this,and most khaliji women hate them because of this.khaliji guys are crazy about them and u can not deny it honey,that s a fact!!!so u have to accept it!u r giving a hard time to urself for no reason.moroccans are the most sexy and attractive women and u can t change it sweety unfortunately.so relax,take it easy babe!!!and u can t deny as well that there is an incredible attraction between khaliji guys and moroccan girls.and u know why?because they take care of their men,they are sexy,educated,beautiful and simply the best!!!!!yep!!i know it s hard for u to accept it but that s the way it is habibti.i ll give u an advice ,before saying any prejudice,go for a moroccan bath first and scrub ur body,i m sure u need it cause u all just take a shower(that s what ur men say about u!)and try to change ur nick name as well for "dirty and smelly silly bahraini girl",it suits u really!!!!!
best advices from a beautiful moroccan girl.موتى بحرتك أو غيضك يا معفنة!!!!!!!!!!!!!!loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll
August 19, 2008


Qwaider قويدر said...

Where the heck did you dig up that old fissile!
If only they knew how great ambassador to the whole Arab nations you are! Including Morocco!

Don't even bother, you're a beacon of light and they're nothing but trolls... So let the dogs bark

PH said...

I never saw that post :P ... unfortunately that is a problem in Libya as well ( Moroccan Prostitutes ). I think its the poverty in Morocco that pushes them into that ..... you mentioned ( or one of the commenters )in the comment section that they are forced into it as sex slaves, unfortunately that isn't true. And it isn't just in Arab countries I've seen Moroccans work like that even in the west they are similar to girls from eastern European states.

I guess when they come from a secular country that whose moral values are diminished ( either from extreme secularism or extreme poverty ) and they are giving out sex freely and it's, to an extent, encouraged as feminism ( a women's right to explore her sexuality and enjoy her body ) , to them getting money in return is better than doing it for free ?

As for your troll friend .... any woman that is easy to get and goes around half naked is 'hot' to a majority of men ..... at least until they sleep with her then she becomes 'cold'.

Me said...

I am out of words after reading such a pathetic letter!!
i had no idea that Moroccan girls are pretty, sexy and clean, not to generalize!!! i still have to meet one that is pretty, educated and sexy!(not that i am looking!)

everyone knows that most of them are at the gulf just to make money off of anything they get their hands on.

i hate her English too, when someone uses abbreviations in their writing it makes them seem so uneducated or trying to write a text message on their phone!

Socrates said...

That was not a woman, let alone one from Morocco. It sounds more like a Bahraini man - too obvious. Such are the way of these sissies.

Unknown said...

I can't beleive all these hatred!!!!!!!!!!!???? you guys are soooooooooooooooooo pathetic...moroccan girls are beautiful, and this is a fact that doesn't need your recognition..plus what i truly think is that these comments are coming from poeple who doesn't stand a chance to even think of dating a moroccan..what made me lough is that moron from libya who's trying to analyze the economical situation in morocco, i have two things to tell you: 1st : that'a way beyond your ability. 2nd: if you live in a glass house and toss rocks, you'll end up with a boatload of broken glass, what a mess !!!

Amal, the proud moroccan.

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