I am totally stressed out - and I don't know if I have or don't have a reason.

I have lost my Botanical Garden membership cards - and, like magic, can see them when I close my eyes - but they are no where to be seen when I open my eyes.

I know I can call them and ask them to send me new ones - but I only seem to remember to call them on weekends and after closing hours.

It isn't a big thing - but losing things is something I take personally and one of the most defeating things that can ever happen to me. It saps my energy away and leaves me confused, worn out and panting, after running around myself for hours trying to figure out where I have left my things.

What is annoying me too - is that I have started losing things more often now - that I am all alone in my pad, then when I had people to pick after me and organise things according to how I want them done. This brings me to the conclusion that I am a great household manager - and not a domestic helper - and as such demand HELP in organising this dump and keeping my life in order!


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David Sasaki said...

From what I remember, they don't actually check for your membership cards at the botanical gardens. The trick is simply not getting lost on the way. :) Breath deep, big hugs.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Breathing .. Thanks Sasaki .. Hugs graciously accepted. And I want to hug the woman I just spoke to at the RBG. She's so so sweet and will send me new cards :)

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