*** WARNING: This may or may not contain a spoiler for those awaiting the Survivor finale!

Just finished from watching Survivor - and Amanda didn't win, although Ozzy proclaimed his love to her. Pavarti won and Cice was sidelined - just like that poor ice cream scooper with the doggy hairstyle.

In Arabic:

يعني أم القمل أماندا ما فازت ... فازت الخايسه أم ضرطه بافارتي!! فهامتون واللا اشرح من تاني ؟؟؟

وإلي ما إتمشط شعرهة عطوهة علة مكوتهه و قلو لهه روحي خمي الحمام أحسن ليك !!

At the end you just know, that if you lie, and cheat and stab people in the back, you get further in life.

Bon Chance!


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