"So what's for dinner?" she laughed, with a sneer, showing your fangs, comfortable in your total insecurity and failure as a caring giving woman, who can't even fix an omelette to feed her grubby brood.

"I'm actually just pulling it out of the microwave," I naively reply, oblivious of the fact that this particular question was aimed at dissing me as an incompetent woman of leisure, whose daily pursuits include shopping, doing her nails and grooming her hair!

"Your poor poor husband!" she squeals, so loud, making sure that the whole of Bahrain had heard that I was feeding the pampered Bahraini in Canada microwaved ready made junk food.

"It's actually leftovers from last night," I try to explain, adding more insult to injury.

"And you feed him leftovers! Oh my! How could you do that????" she yells into my ears.

By now, I realise what had I gotten myself into. In her hysteria, I knew it was pointless to explain to her that it wasn't her business; that we were happy running our lives the way we do; No thanks Martha Stewart, we don't need your advice; I can cook (very well too!!) and have proved over two years that I am competent around the kitchen without two maids and a cook; and that fixing a dinner for two or 10, is like a walk in the park on a beautiful spring day, with birds chirping and all the hues of the rainbow in flowers in carefully manicured beds on the side walks!

Nope.. Some people are better ignored, left to hang dry without an explanation. Sometimes it works better to keep the fool thinking, thinking, thinking and being fools, you just know that this is precisely what they aren't capable of doing.


Taro Head said...

You had this woman over for dinner? Where was she educated? The back alleys of the souq?

Ron Larson said...

Shock the hell out of her by telling her about the wonderful meal your husband made for you!

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