I will soon start having guests from Bahrain gracing my life -- with the first arriving for a month's 'summer' break on Monday. I don't really know what to tell them -- but I just called and asked them to bring their coats with them for the flipping weather is suffering from an acute case of PMS and fluctuating between summer and winter every few hours - registering anything from a frosty 3 C to a lovely glowing 15 C!

This seriously isn't the way to repay people who have already suffered a long cold dark snowy icy slushy dirty gloomy winter and not a good welcome for those coming from a hot sticky dusty summer - looking for respite and fun time with a gracious hostess ;)

Anyway - back to cleaning, and folding, and washing, and wrapping and unwrapping! This guest will inspect the place with a magnifying glass -- so I really really need to be on top of things.


Me said...

It must be your mother in law visiting to do all that cleaning!! ;)
best of luck with your house guests...(i had my share of them over last summer and some of this winter...all i can say that, i know how you feel!)
maybe you will suggest a trip to a nice warm place if they are just too cold in your city.
you made the weather in Bahrain sound so ugly....it is "ok" so far...but i am not looking forward to the sticky days.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Spot on Summer! It is the one and only mother-in-law indeed!

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