Those who know me - know how difficult it is for me to shut up .. but over the past few days I have been awfully receptive to the most ridiculous insults from people - while biting my tongue and turning the other cheek.

Am I growing up and is this part of the maturing process? Or I have just lost hope in people changing and being humane?

I had a creepy call from someone and while talking to her, I heard baby noises in the background.

"Is that your baby?" the silly me asked.
"Oh! He no longer is a baby.. he's a man now," she callously replied.
"Congrats! You could have said something. The least I could have done (being so far away) is send you flowers," I said, trying hard not to sound hurt.
"Oh you know how it is.. Not everyone likes babies," she explained.

Well, good for you! I really feel so sad for this secluded baby - whose arrival to this world is shrouded in secrecy!!!

Speaking of babies, you know how some parents are so over-protective, right? Nothing wrong with that really - unless of course their idea of loving their child is putting them under house arrest.

"How's your son with school?" I ask, trying not to sound too inquisitive.
"Oh no! There is no way he will be going to any school ever! I will home school him!" she yells into my ears.

While I was stunned that a six year old is forced to stay at home, with his clingy mother, there is nothing I can say. She wants to make a zombie, good for her!! I just can't help myself feeling sorry for the poor sod.

And last but not least, here's what's really making my blood boil today - a conversation with a relative..

"When are you coming back to Bahrain?" she asks.
"I really am dreading it .. you know .. looking for a place again, furnishing it and all that headache," I say, opening my heart to her.
"You are so lucky you don't even have children," she reacts, with malice, of course.
"And what will you do with children.. you should be lucky to have landed a husband in the first place," she continues.

Stunned again.. and speechless.. I roll my eyes in horror. What the hell did that comment mean? Why should I be grateful I landed a husband? What is making her itch?
I just laughed her comment away and let it go, amused that this was her frank opinion of me - useless as a mother, and grateful to have "landed a husband."

I sure should count my blessings, everyday!!


Qwaider قويدر said...

You know, I wrote something trying to be funny. Then I thought, I'm not going to kid about this

Look, don't care about all that crap. Just enjoy being the wonderful person you are!

Taro Head said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this. Maybe because I could relate?

These days here in my new home in the United States of Preedom, I get asked a lot, "So are you married?" After answering that questions, they always turn into clocks (or ticking bombs) and go, "Tick Tock, Tick Tock... time's a wastin'"

Wastin'??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! I hate that! But yea, it must come with maturity because a year ago I would have bitten their heads off, now I just politely do the Asian thing - you know, doing a fake giggle as I hold one hand up my mouth. Hee hee!

Abufares said...

You'll get to meet all sorts of people eventually. The assholes, however, are meant to be a reminder that you are a wonderful person.

Anonymous said...

Jealous i tell ya ... JEALOUS

Unknown said...


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