What is it that you can't understand my stupid friend? Why are you so arrogant?
Don't you realise that you are not a correction facility?

Why is it that some women, who are supposedly smart and tuned on, agree to suffer in silence in abusive relationships?

What are they afraid of? Why can't they just walk out? Are they afraid of being alone? Are they afraid of failure? What is it that is making them continue to flog themselves in a relationship that brings them so much pain and an endless flow of tears?

And they pretend they are smart and know better than everyone else. And in their arrogance they think they can change the world and shape their partner to be the higher being they lie to themselves and say they could be. Has a tiger ever changed his stripes, or a leopard his dots?

Dots and stripes you stupid twit .. for that man you are hanging to isn't a tiger nor a leopard but a creepy crawly who lives in the tunnels of sewers!

Would you rather live with such a coward, who lies to you because he isn't man enough to admit to his errors and repent, than have control over your life again?? Tell me.. for the love of God I don't understand. If I were in your shoes, I would have behaved differently and put an end to the bloodshed.. but then I am not in your shoes my dear friend and it's easy for me to call you stupid and pass judgments.

But answer me please .. what other than sheer stupidity would allow a woman of your caliber to stoop to a cockroach like the man you are hanging on to despite all that you know?

If you think you can change him, think again .. for in his small mind he doesn't think there is anything wrong with him and it is all your fault and a projection of your insecurities and madness.

Yes, and he will turn around and call you crazy and you will sit back and reflect on your insanity.


Redbelt said...

Well Silly, here is plans for change, any change:
1- define goal
2- set plan to reach goal
3- Check you are on track
4- if not, have the FLEXABILITY to get back on track

Now, these twits probably:
1- Don't know what they want or could get
2- Haven't really thought about how to get out of it (surprising but it happens)
3- They do not relise they have gone astry from thier fairytale life goal. It just creeps up on them.
4- the most difficult step, they are afraid of the unknown and would be more comfortable with where ever they are.

Failiure to act properly occures in any of the 4 stages.
So..um.. yeah... There you go.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Redbelt for your words of wisdom. I will try sharing them with my friend .. hehe .. though I would be caught dead before showing her what I wrote about her :)

كاشف الغطاء said...

I am very sorry for you. The snow has doubled your stupidity to the point that you are giving wisdom to people. Do not destroy her life and what happenes between them stays between them. How many times did you fight with your husband regarding different issues??? How many times did u insult him or he insulted you???? All the sweetness and sadness remain within the loop of the couple.
You are forgiven for what you are going to write me back coz it is Canadan and I guess Monteral is gettting very cold.

Shakespeare said...

Interesting post SBG. The anger and frustration you are going through -- of not being able to help your friend is too obvious.

ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP is what you write... if there is an abuse in a relationship - they should get divorced. We don't live in the dark ages, where a woman was some man's property. Today, a woman can find a job, support herself, and live with a great deal of self esteem.

The comment made here by the Anon-Arab, "what happenes between them stays between them," can only be termed as vulgar. If someone is being abused, we do have a God-given right to help the person out of the abuse. We cannot let things to work out on its own.

How in the world is abuse of any kind tolerable? And how on earth is helping a poor woman out of a terrible marriage - destroying her life?
Dude, your ideas are anal-retentive. From what I read, it sounds like a confession of your personal life. Given your enthusiasm to cover up for an abusive husband, there is a good chance that you are also one of them. Yeah, you want to keep your dirty secrets within a loop? Shame on you.

SBG, thanks for warming up to help your friend. It never gets cold, when there are good friends like you.

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