Thanks folks for everything!

You really don't have to humble me so much with the line up of celebrations and the red carpet reception you are rolling out for our victorious return to our motherland.

And thanks for giving everyone 11 days off, to mark our arrival back in Wonderland.

You guys rock!

I really am speechless.

The thing is ... I know I am coming back .. but I am yet to book my ticket! You think you can skip the fireworks and charter a jet for me? Please? And if it isn't too much, can I request that I pick the stewards (note.. not stewardessessss)!

You see the predicament I face.. I have so much luggage .. bags full of finery collected from one shopping spree after the other. And lots of books and books and books. And I travel heavy .. I can't pack.. I can't think .. I don't know what to bring with me and what to leave behind ..

I know I am returning for a short while .. but I still like to be comfortable and have everything I am familiar with around me. hehe .. Yes, with every trek across the Atlantic .. I ferry the same things back and forth.

The truth is that I usually leave many of the things I have back in Bahrain .. and start amassing a new collection of things when I am back here. I don't know why I do this .. when I know that I already have a house full of my junk back home.. and one full of trash here ..

And with the shopping fever in full swing .. I am being pushed and pulled in all directions .. which means .. more junk .. and makes that chartered jet an absolute must!

So what is it now .. fireworks or my comfort?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Fireworks :)

You make the tiny state (oops Kingdom) of Bahrain sound like it's Russia or something

So you're not going back for good .. right?

And EWWW for the flight hosts! Yuck!

Islander said...

just do like i do and pack the whole lot... it DOES feel better to have everything with u

Ammaro said...

noooooooooooooo! dont let it take over you!

one back pack is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

imagine how relaxed you will be, walking into the airport with a tiny backpack, holding everything you need... ahhh... so simple, so easy...

and coming back will be easy too! dont carry too much stuff! dont! dont!!!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Sunshine: 1
Ammarooo: NIL

Backpack shino besheeel?

And so ... It is the fireworks that you have selected!

Qwaider, my planned return was supposed to coincide with our National Day celebrations, which in addition to giving people two days off, is an opportunity for all the local citizens to shower their country with love and affection. In return, the Ministry of Information, stages huge fireworks to commemorate the occasion and show its love back to its citizens!

Since the National Day holiday will run into the Eid holidays, people in my country will be off work for 11 days.

Kool right?

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