Yes, you are reading it correctly. I have single handedly managed to come across Wonderland's 7 millionth idiot!

What do universities teach people nowadays seriously?

My blood is still boiling people and I am having chest pain and finding it difficult to breathe. But I will still jot down this incident on the blog, should I not wake up tomorrow morning.

I was talking to a fellow Bahraini today and one thing led to the other and as I was typing and talking on the phone .. I wasn't really listening and just answering with a yes or an exaggerated ohhhh .. every time there was a lull in the conversation.

"Yes, with the population of Bahrain hitting seven million now..." he was saying. I freeze.
Me: "Seven what? "
Him: "Seven million."
Me: "Do you know what a million is?"
Him: "Yes, seven million."
Me: "We are barely 700,000, counting the bastards and prostitutes."
Him: "No. It is seven million. 700,000 was when we were in school."
Me: "Do you have a computer with an internet connection?"
Him: "Yes, but I am reading something online now."
Me: "Ok, you can open a new window and search on Google for Bahrain and population and you will realise that we are a little over 700,000 according to the 2001 census .. and there is a census every 10 years. We can't have exploded from 700k to 7m in seven years."
Him: "That is too complicated for me."
Me: "Open a new window. Click on the e sign and a new window will show up. Go to Google. Type Bahrain and population."
Him: "I am looking for the Internet Explosion."
Me: "You mean Internet Explorer?"


Him: "Ok .. I see the figures but they are wrong. Governments lie about everything. Remember how when we were children? Our house used to be the only one in our neighbourhood. Now the place is full of people. We are seven million."
Me: "I didn't know you as a child but yes, you are right. I just saw statistics here which prove that we are indeed Seven Million. I am sorry for confusing you."

That my fellow friends is Bahrain's seven millionth loyal citizen. And you wonder why I am angry? And I won't tell you what his profession is.


Amer said...

he probably works for the census bureau.

Ashish Gorde said...

If I was in your place I would have burst out laughing uncontrollably... you managed quite well under the circumstance :)

Of course, I wouldn't ever like to be in the same situation as you were in... somehow can't stand obstinate idiots who persist in their idiocy even when evidence is presented to them.

BuZain said...

How funny :) I know now why it takes me 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach work everyday :) And why I need to park 10 minutes away from office :)

xoussef said...

:D this is not something you get angry about.. actually you should have been amused ... it's so funny ^^

Islander said...

hahaha if i had that conversation i would have come out of it with a stroke.. lol...

dont u just luuuuv bahrainis?? im finally bak home and im beginning to wonder why the hell did i miss them in the first place..

Ammaro said...

Soon, you'll see Bahraini's all over the globe, with their country not able to contain them and provide enough resources and jobs, so they spread to all corners of the earth. With the vast amounts of Bahraini's, the population growing ten-fold every few years, we eventually take over the world. Everywhere you go, New York, Tokyo, London, and so on, you see Bahraini-Towns, as China-Towns are wiped out and taken over by the Bahraini population... (this goes on for another 2 pages of my wild imagination)

Ammaro said...

oh wait wait... can you imagine the queue for the Eskaan if it really was 7 million?

Unknown said...

LMAO what a different a single ZERO can make

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, it would be scary thinking what if we really were seven million Bahrainis!

But try driving that message to the seven millionth loyal citizen!

Cerebralwaste said...

Does your "friend" SBG unable to grasp the concept that IF there was 7 million people in Bahrain that the entire Island would SINK from the shear weight into the Gulf? After all it's Bahrain not Coruscant ( the City/Planet from Star Wars.

Anyway I am proud to say for at least some of the time I am one of the proud quasi 7 million residents. Now pass the shawarma's please!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Just imagine how long shawarmaholics like ourselves would have to wait in line for our shawarma feasts?

Joeprah said...

I wonder what color he thinks the sky is and insists it is when he speaks to people?

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