After Louisville, I am all set to attend Pop!Tech. My colleague Juliana from Columbia as well as a handful of other Global Voices Online members have been invited to attend the event. For me, Camden is a hop away. For Juliana, it is a trek around the world. Please help Juliana attend the event.. please :)

Here's Juliana's email:


I´m Juliana Rincón, I write for Global Voices Online on behalf of Colombia, and have started some different projects with the help of loyal friends here in Medellín to spread the word on blogs, blogging, citizen media and online tools for communication.

I was invited to Pop!Tech 2007 in Camden Maine, and since then we´ve been knocking on many doors to see if we can get funding to pay for my airfare and transportation. From Pop!Tech I will get some money which will cover my part of the accommodations close to the venue I´m sharing with a GV partner, and from Rising Voices I will get some aid which we hope will cover the taxi fees from the airport to the hotel and back, as well as taxes and such.

We don´t have the roughly $1000 it would cost me to fly from Medellín to any of the 3 airports near Camden Maine.

After knocking on many doors and surviving drawn out processes leading to negative answers from local foundations and organizations, we´ve decided to take matters into our own hands. Through the help of many, we hope to be able to raise enough to cover the expenses for a plane ticket from Medellín to Camden, Maine. Already we´ve had help in the form of a paypal account in the US (we can´t receive money since we are in Colombia) and a friend who will purchase the ticket with his credit card so it can be done online and take advantage of lower rates.

How can any of you help? All we´re asking for is a small donation of $10 per ticket, each ticket participates in a raffle for a complete blog package which includes design, domain and hosting for a year, links and a 40x40 pixel image which will be a part of a collage. More information here:

Eventually we´ll also have t-shirts and we´ll auction some paintings I´m working on.

I hope you can spread the word and make this possible. Once again, thanks, and we hope that Hiperbarrio, Videobarrio, Medallo Bloguero, Hipermedial, Podcast Blogotemático and Colombia itself will be represented at Camden Maine this year.

The best regards,



Jules said...

Awesome. Thank you so much!

Sans said...


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Juliana and Sans.
Hope everything works out as planned and we'll see you in Camden!

Cerebralwaste said...

I will donate $25.00us to Juliana for her trip. I just need to know how to donate to her. Does she have a PayPal account by chance?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Mark!
The link above -- included in the email -- has a Paypal pay option!

See you in Camden :)

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