It's that time of the year again .. when I am just in a sulking mood for no apparent reason!

Everyday, my entire day is literally wasted multi-tasking, without getting anything done at all.

Each morning, I wake up and write up a list of what I absolutely have to get accomplished before the sun sets and if I am lucky, I would be able to cross off one or two things from the list the most. I mean I am usually more organised than this and on top of things .. but every once in a while.. I start sulking and when this happens, expect a serious spiral downwards, until something in my head starts shouting and screaming: PULL UP! PULL UP!!

And as you already know, lists tend to grow and grow and grow and work doesn't get done on its own. But the joke is that everyone says: but you stay at home the whole day.. what work are you nagging about?

Well, where do you want me to start with, considering that I don't have a $100 a month slave to wash, cook, clean, sweep and dust for me anymore? Right now for instance, I have to clean up the apartment. This includes dusting, vacuuming and polishing the floors and all the surfaces. Then or while that is miraculously happening on its own, I have to clean the bathrooms. After that, I need to turn my attention to the kitchen. There, there is a fridge to clean out and by clean out I literally mean throwing all the stuff in it in big black bags, and scrubbing it from the inside. Then the oven needs to be cleaned as well as the microwave. After that, I need to attack the pile of dishes which has been piling on the sink since yesterday morning - when I last washed dishes. The whole area needs to be sprayed and those who know how fussy I am, any cleaning activity I am involved in includes the use of a multi-coloured assortment of cleaning products. Now I could purge the kitchen either before or after I cook dinner .. or perhaps today could be take out day since there will be no time or energy to piss about with cooking.

The bedrooms too need a serious look at. Since the season is changing, I want to change the setting of the main room and don't know.. perhaps get something new. The travel bags which are all over the place should be tucked away for storage now that travel season is over -- or no -- I have to leave at least two out and handy so that I can take off whenever I feel like it. The summer tops and shorts and flip flops too should be pushed behind in the wardrobes, and the heavier tops and coats should be pulled up.

And the sheets need to be washed and some clothes ironed.. and after all this, I need time for myself.. to do my nails, to wash and dry my hair and look after the outer shell that compliments the inner me.

And hey that's only the physically demanding tasks I have ahead of me today. Let's see what else do I have to do.. I will have to go out and get some grocery, go to the bank, emmm... check out a few things I think I will have to buy soon..

OK.. Let's get back inside the house.. where I am involved with a few projects like GVO and GVO Arabic; where I need to read and write; What about my artistic creatively which is wailing for an outlet and where I want to paint and relax or sit back and watch TV.. paint my toe nails and actually sit back and have the luxury for the paint to dry.. and then come and tell me .. oh .. but you are sitting at home.. what work do you have to do?


Hani Obaid said...

Don't be disheartened. That list of everything you simply have to get done today. Each day, I promise myself I'm going to write such a list, but I never get to even write it !

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Hani .. if you think that having a list is wow .. then I am almost there :)

Ammaro said...

Please tell me this is your once a year "spring-cleaning" and not your weekly cleaning routine

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

erm .. Ammaro .. being the compulsive depressive maniac I am .. I do this ritual more often than is normally done :)

The place gets so dusty so fast and I am very fussy about a lot of things.. and an absolute control freak :)

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

LOL i know what you mean.. im same as you ..and i know what you feel when the things are out of place lol ....

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