"Is bloggerette even a word?" asks Ammaro.

Well, even if it isn't .. it is now!

And that's final.


Ammaro said...

Very funny.....

Sans said...

A blogger is always a blogger.

Anglelina Jolie is an Actor. Nicole Kidman is an Actor. Judie Hench is an Actor.

None of them are Actress anymore.

India's President is not Presidentess.

German Chancellor is not Chancellorette.

Chairman and Chairwoman are Chairpersons now.

A Blogger is a blogger - doesn't matter whether it is a he, she, it, or something in between.

A blogger is always a blogger.

Equality is a good thing, it is the best of all social things.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Ouch! So we are equal now?

Ammaro said...

were not equal

just have the same name

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You men are talking about equality..
We are content being superior and giving you the chance to play catch up!

Ammaro said...

i once did a presentation in public speaking class back in college... somehow i always decided to choose controversial topics that manged to piss off the listeners :p

so my topic for that class was "how men and women are not equal". It was pretty funny, the women weren't amused. the point of the topic was, we're not equal. Neither is necessarily better than the other, we're just different. I still figured some of the women wanted to kill me.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

We sure are different. We are better. If you accept the theory of evolution, it will come to the notice of most men .. that you my dear friends have not fully evolved yet -- as many of you cannot overcome your pride and joy at the existence of a tail :) despite the fact that a tail my friends is usually associated with .. emm ... YOUR cousins from the animal kingdom :)

ooops.. Didn't mean to offend anyone .. just the ramblings of an exhausted depressed homesick lunatic :)

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