I am fed up with defeatist's attitudes -- mine included.

Every feat is impossible, everything is difficult or too much of a hassle and in anything you do there is an obstacle or something in your way preventing you from doing the things you want to do .. but is it really so?

I am fed of hearing people moan.. oh we can't do this or that .. when in fact all that they are saying is that they are too lazy to get off their fat butts and do whatever they want to do.

Most of the time you hear people saying I wish I could do this or that .. and my response is: why can't you? Who is stopping you?

The other day I came across the most annoying five-year-old I have ever met in my life, who rubbed it so much in my face: I can be whatever I want to be, he would tell me every time I looked in his direction. Take this child and put him in a Bahraini set up and you will find people turning around and asking him to shut up and go and dig a hole for himself. With all the child care policies in place here, I just smiled at him... until a thought hit me. Are we really not able to do things we want to do or is it the way our society has brought us up and our surroundings which make everything sound impossible? Every idea you sprout is met with cynicism, to the extent that we grow up afraid to air our views so that no one thinks we are different or loud or opinionated. And then what? We become a part of the herd? But is that really a herd anyone with any common sense would want to associate himself with?

Now that I have finally realised that I can be whatever I want to be .. I need to figure out what it is that I exactly want from life.. Off I go .. time for sulking on the sofa!


Ammaro said...

you can be anything you want amira. you know, your life is passing, one day at a time. You can either spend it being lazy, or make something out of it :) I know you've done a lot in your life, but theres still so much more to do! Get out there and live your life!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Lazy? Me? Nah? I buggered off yesterday and caught up with the laundry, cleaning, dusting, cooking and actually making Jam from all the cherries we picked in summer and were bagged in the freezer! I was too caught up in that and missed the premier of Survivor China!
I am living my life to the fullest .. sort of .. This doesn't mean I know which direction I want to take yet though!!

Ammaro said...

if youre laundering, cleaning and dusting all the time, are you REALLY living your life? :) no life fully lived is fully ordered

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Let's say .. I just like things neat and tidy ... the truth is that I am multi-tasking .. and when you multi-task .. you don't get anything really done!

We definitely should meet up when I am next in Bahrain .. LOL! Then you will realise why I moan so much about housework! What takes 'normal' people a couple of hours to do ... literally takes days for me .. for I am but a wordsmith .. anything else is a feat! But I am managing fine .. keeping the place livable and making the most of my time here :) Let's say.. I am now in hibernation mode.. shall we?

Capt. Arab said...

Another way to put it, would be: Life is what you make it. I personally have left so many opportunities pass me by because I always thought it wouldn't work out. Now I look at things differently.. You'll never really know unless you try. Like MSN puts it.. "Where do you want to go today?"

Ammaro said...

sure thing; i'll try to show you things like how its much more efficient to throw the clothes under the bed rather than hang them up, one by one (its also more satisfying, since you know you get the place looking cleaner in a quarter of the time, and have more time to do whatever else you want to :P)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Capt Arab,
As you already realise: It is never too late!

Thanks for the tip!

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