This is me.. A set of opposing emotions in one mould. Today, I am happy and annoyed. I am happy and grateful family and friends are here but am torn apart in the differences of interests within the group. While some want to spend their entire day shopping, it means that we are moving within enclosures and up and down highways... with monotonous scenery whizzing past us. There will be no chance to go trekking, walk in the woods or sit and take in nature on a bay of a lake. Ducks? What ducks? Fish? What fish? Flowers? I hate flowers?

This makes my blood boil. If I visit the place, I want to blend, to sink into the chaos.. to walk where people walk.. to laugh and talk and take it all in.. to eat what the locals eat and immerse myself in the beauty and madness of the place. If all I want is to remain in a shopping mall... I would go to Dubai. I won't travel across the globe.. to be locked up in a house massaging my foot at night.. to enable it to carry me to shop until I drop the next day.

But that's people for you.. and why should I complain?

People come in different packages.. and you can never please everyone. I know that as much as I love shopping.. I will keep away from the malls for a good four weeks.. after my company leaves.

I will find myself a rock in the woods... and bury myself under it..


Shereen ! said...
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Shereen ! said...

A feeling deep inside me says you are a cancerian!!

is it true?

Ammaro said...

I totally understand you. I don't understand the concept of going all the way around the world to end up in another shopping mall. We have too many of them in Bahrain, Saudi, UAE, and its all we need.

I love travelling, mixing in with the people; taking the local bus to blend with the people instead of renting my own car. Seeing the scenery, the views, living a different experience.

When you remember the memories of a place, what do you want to remember? The inside of a mall? Or the feeling, the people, the smells, the atmosphere and the views?

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