My wise friend says: "Man has a brain and a penis.. and only enough blood to run one at a time!"


Unknown said...

damn that's true! I'll have that framed and hung ;)

'Citizen X' said...

Excuse me for the comments that i am about to make;

It’s probably true; given that women at any point of time want one or the other, never both together.

The act of sex does not need brain power (cause everyone is in an animalistic state), if you are not driving then the woman is. I don't believe it would be appropriate for one to have an erecting when giving a lecture or when trying to resolve issues or to complete a task.

No disrespect meant….


Sans said...

Brainless Sex is like kissing a woman through another man's mouth.

No pun in that framed and hung one :-)

Joel Indrupati said...
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Joel Indrupati said...

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Cooldude said...

Hey, that's my line, Sillybahrainigirl, and I sent it to you years ago. I based it on extensive research into men's sexual behaviour, and in order to defend my fellow males who are always being accused by the opposite sex of having their brains not in their heads. So, glad you now subscribe to my theory.

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