Isn't it sad that I am happy to be back 'home' - a home which is zillions of light years away from where my heart is?

I am back to the safety and comfort of my pad in Canada and I can say I am content and happy here. I strangely feel safe and secure. I am also more in touch with Bahrain virtually and as I write this I am listening to eMoodz blabbering about Bahraini politics... sigh!

I also have all my sisters and friends online ... and they are actually making the effort to chat to me. Even my nephews and nieces are talking to me and giving me undivided attention as they speak directly into the mic .. to tell me how my Arabic accent sucks.

My four-year-old niece had the nerve to tell me that although she fully understands my Ba7rani accent.. she will not speak it. She explained to me that I say: nadheef (clean) and not nedheef! That I say erjoool (leg) and not iryool! That I say wajed (a lot) and not wayed!! and the list goes on!

As a compromise, she said we better communicate in English from now onwards .. as that is a common language we both understand. Give the brat a few more years, and she will have a go at me discussion whether it is vase or vase or tomato or tomato! What a world we live in!

Well, if she - at the age of four - is ready to reach a compromise .. then so can I!


Cerebralwaste said...

Welcome back!

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