I needed time to mull over it. And I thought I would let it slip, knowing that if I did, others won't.
In my Wonderland, you all already know that things aren't what they appear to be. In my land of hypocrites and liars, nothing should be taken at face value no matter how naive you are.
Can someone explain to me why Mushaima, Khawaja and Co. have been pardoned by His Majesty King Hamad, even though they are charged with inciting hatred against the regime.. ehem.. I mean authorities.

Today's GDN says:
His Majesty King Hamad yesterday ordered the Public Prosecution to withdraw a court case against Hassan Mushaima, Abdulhadi Al Khawaja and Shaker Abdulhussain.
The three political activists were due to appear in court on Monday to face charges of inciting hatred, encouraging people to break the law and publicising false news during Ashoora in Manama in January.
Charges of insulting the leadership had earlier been dropped.
The order came as His Majesty received Al Wefaq secretary-general Sheikh Ali Salman in recognition of the group's political role and support for the reform project.
The king expressed the hope that such violations would not be repeated.
Sheikh Ali Salman thanked His Majesty for his gesture which he said would help bolster national unity.

Remember how I said I won't meddle in politics because my country has no respect for Free Speech? Remember how I promised I will turn the other cheek and let such incidents which make the blood of anyone with any decency pass?

Well, I just can't. I am sorry but this farce of a country needs someone with balls to set the record straight and ensure that citizens are treated as human beings with full rights and not like cattle in a ranch herded by cowboys whose eyes are set at a coveted prize at the end of the day and not ensuring that the people of Wonderland have rights and deserve to live in dignity - in a peaceful and secure environment.

Although I wouldn't dare question the wisdom of His Majesty, for I am just a speck of dirt in His Wonderland, I just want to understand a few things:

1. Did the respectable MP question all the rumours spread by another former government advisor, whose whole purpose allegedly aimed at fuelling sectarian strife? What happened to the report and the Parliamentary questioning in a democracy in which citizens from all walks of life are still awaiting answers?

2. Did he raise the matter of the Bahraini security guard - who was shot outside a busy nightclub? Or is the blood of yet another villager just too cheap for the Bilad Al Qadeem MP to ask about?

3. Did the MP bother himself with questioning the logic behind all the mess going on in Bahrain, the terror and tear gas, the burning tyres which block roads or the people herded like cattle for questioning, arrest, torture and arbitrary jail sentences in a country which prides itself for adhering to the UN Human Rights Charter and being a pseudo-democracy?

4. Will Mushamia & Co. bow to the respectable MP and his paymasters and thank him for his kind intervention on their behalf?

5. And finally.. are we the citizens of Wonderland fools? Don't we deserve an explanation? Shouldn't we have all our questions answered? Will our credible Press tackle these issues.. or will all this mess be swept under the carpet .. until another disenchanted animal in the ranch throws a tantrum - which will only be met with benevolent kindness and a pardon?


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