I know..I am late but I better be late than never .. whatever..

It is surreal being here again (ie: in Wonderland). It is lovely to see that the same faces are in the same places and people doing and saying exactly what they were when I left more or less a year ago. It was like someone pressed on the Pause button while I was away and now that I am back ...the tape is playing again.. I know.. I know.. the world doesn't rotate around me and it shouldn't. Besides, I was never really away.. Was I?

In keeping with tradition, I took my grandpa out for dinner last night..and it was a blast. I won't say more but it was hilarious to see people giving me the look because they assumed I was a gold-digger ..after the old man for his $$$! Those who know me appreciate the gesture as not many people spend time with their grandparents..let alone take them to places where people my age hang out.. For those who didn't know me.. they were quick to jump to conclusions...assuming I was a Moroccon or Egyptian Bambi trying to entice this rich old Bahraini as if there was a shortage of younger ones! (ehem... no pun intended here!)

Some one is honking outside my window.. the dog is barking and I better check what the commotion is all about. There isn't anything which beats the excitement of being home..except perhaps for the routine, politics, same faces and phoney smiles plastered everywhere you go! I sometimes wonder whether they are smiling to me or laughing at me?!

That dog is mad..


Sapoconcho said...

pois iso, BONADAL!!!

Um Naief said...

Merry Christmas. Does your family celebrate the holidays?

Are you back for good or just a visit? I hope you continue to have a good time while you're here. I can only imagine the looks you get while dining w/ your grandpa.... it's really rather funny to think about. But.. I guess w/ so many girls/ladies who do the gold-digging thing, ppl will assume the worst.

Unknown said...

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Carlos said...

Hi.Just a simple question,if I may.
Shouldn't your poll include the word "never"?
Cheers and Happy New Year.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LOL! Tooners..Isn't it funny how people jump to their own conclusions??
I am here for a brief holiday.. to gather enough ammunition to keep me going for a while there!

The Podcast people.. after Eid?

CM: Saying Never will defy the purpose of the Silly Poll!

bint battuta said...

the picture you have painted of you and your grandfather and people's disgusted looks is hilarious... i remember as a teenager my father dropped me off at a cinema; it was small place, and he bought the ticket for me and left it with the woman on the door while i went off to the bathroom. the thing is, my father was very white and english-looking, and i am not; when i came back the woman at the door gave me my ticket and struggled a bit before she said, 'your...friend left this for you.' she obviously thought sugar daddy rather than real daddy!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Keep the fools guessing bint batutta!

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