They say that the pasture is always greener on the other side.. and I can't agree more.

When I am there, I blow this place out of proportion and tell the whole world how there isn't anything better than this dump..And when I am here .. well.. it's only been a few days.. and I already feel suffocated and telling myself every three minutes.. how I can't take it anymore! I am even talking to friends about going to Dubai on holiday!!

I am sure it has more to do with me than the actual geographical locations I am in .. but this place is becoming freaky, whether I like it admit it or not. Things, places and people have changed.

I have never seen so many weirdos in Seef Mall as I did the other night. It was hilarious.. the Parade of the Century was on and it wasn't even Halloween! The monkeys must have got their dates wrong and surely thought it was the night they were free to roam the streets in costume! But then my friend corrected me and told me how they dress up like that all year round!!!

Did you see the desert goats with long hair under their Arab dress garb?? How much hair spray and how many hair dryers did they blow on that??? And what's with white shoes in winter and rain?? Did anyone tell them that that isn't a fashion statement but a sad state of identity crisis which needs a shrink's immediate attention!

And those cows! Why the hell are they wearing Abayas?? And fringes?? Freaking fringes? And Abayas with glitter and beads and shine (more than what you would find in cheap New Year's dresses)?? Abayas with things dangling from them where the asshole and nipples are!!! My God! I laughed so much that night.. the whole I will walk-naked-while-wearing-an-Islamic-attire-thing just make me roll my eyes and wonder: why the fuck do those freaks even bother with covering up??

Oh well.. just a few more weeks to go and it will be over.. I will be back to the snow and gloom and misery of a winter in Canada.. unless I can pull off that cruise!!!


Um Naief said...

I couldn't agree more about Seef Mall and all the freaks there. I have wondered many times why some girls cover. Sometimes I wonder if it's all about showing the world how much you pay for an abaya or something, but I don't really know. And the white shoes... yeah, I see this a lot, but I figured that I was the odd one out in that I came from the U.S. where it's soooo not in style to wear white after labor day! ;)

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