I'm flippin'.. I'm happy and sad; calm and angry; cool and at the verge of a nervous breakdown.. I am all the extremes in one today ..except of course a religious extremist.. which may be in the making, considering the strong infatuation my country and all its people have towards bushy beards!

I still can't get over the election results and the fact that beards rule the brood in my country today. I understand that an equilibrum could be reached by the much sought after appointment of some scheming, thieving, wining and dining, whoring and snoring officials, but it still doesn't make the deMOCKractic march forward in my country that correct. You know what I am talking about, don't you?

If you don't then don't bother putting one and two together because from tomorrow, I am taking a break from everything about Wonderland..putting blinkers on my eyes, plugs in my ears (where else? my nose?) and masking tape on my mouth .. as I make the great trek back South towards home.

Yesterday's snowfall here was the final straw.. and with more snow coming our way and temperatures dropping to nine below zero Celcius and feeling like - 16 (considering the wind chill) today after a few warm days .. I am getting out of here. I mean I should be .. as it's not even officially winter yet!!!

Last year, I braved the winter and the snow and the mud and the lying sun and coming up close and personal with a racoon and a SKUNK (outside a friend's house). This year, I thought I better think quick and get out of here while I still can.. to a warmer place.. where the winter is mild and there is no snow.. and only mud when it rains in neighbourhoods contractors stole money from projects and didn't do the drainage right.. and where the sun doesn't lie but everything and everyone else does .. and instead of Skunks and Racoons.. we have a PoH, with creatures even Allah Almighty frowns upon when He sees what His creations have done to themselves!

Yalla.. Allah Kareem.

PS: I have had my rant.. but I am still anxious ;(


Cerebralwaste said...

Have a GREAT trip back to Wonderland SBG!!!

ehsanbros said...

I like snow...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks CW.. I had a few shawaramas on your behalf!! They were ..

ehsanbros..different people have different preferences!! It would be borrrrrrrrrrrring if we were all the same! Right?

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