It was MAD...

He came, he saw, he conquered.

But it was exciting. The man actually oozes sexitement, even when he is talking about the rape, mass murder and plundering of the poor souls in Dafur!

And guess what? In my 10 plus years of covering the United Nations, on and off, I have never ever seen so many journalists at the Security Council stakeout as I did today.

The above picture was my lousy attempt at capturing the man all the ladies swooned all over. He was HOT!

Off to work.. catch up with you later :-)


Maisha said...

lol!nice bloggie.i just googled "silly girl" and came to your blog and i am so glad i did.say hi to my president if you see him!hahahahahah!he is the one from TANZANIA!

Maisha said...

and thank you for leading me to my new adopted pet,Kat.:)

mashael alhajeri said...

Liked your intro in your profile...but couldn't see the pics....:( came out like little squares and time...until then check out my blog you witty silly bahraini girl you...might find it very interesting:) x x x

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