Pheeeeeeeeew! That was close. Packing my bags (lots of shopping) now and getting ready to leave the Big Apple for a more relaxing comfortable life in Canada!

My month back-to-work was exciting to say the least. It is always a pleasure to return to the United Nations and work among the Press corps here - even for a month. While a month may not be a long period in a career, it was enough for me to rekindle my interest in international issues, attend Press conferences, hang out with the hounds outside the Security Council and witness the circus in town when the heads of states and representatives of 192 countries were all here under one roof!

With North Korea pulling the carpet from Darfur's feet and Bush, Chavez and Ahmed-Nejadi taking turns calling each other names, one sometimes wonders what this world is coming to when human beings refuse to behave with humanity and courtesy towards each other.

Other than this, September 11 came and left with a lot of remembrance; people went to memorial ceremonies and were then seen washing their woes with beverages in many of the bars dotting Manhattan way into the night.


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