It's been a busy month on the silly front, with lots of downs and highs.

Although I have been away from the blog, a good friend of mine has been updating this site whenever he saw it idle for long. Now that isn't cheating .. because friends are for each other and what goes around comes around.

Talking of friends, I have had a friend and relative visit me here in Canada for two weeks. True, she escaped Bahrain because of the heat and because she couldn't bear staying away from me for long (talk about an inflated ego!), but I am sure she had a great time. Other then the amazing sights and spectacular shopping (we shopped till we dropped), she went back with an infatuation for all Canadians. She was simply blown away with the kindness, friendliness and smiles which accompanied us wherever we went.

The only black spot in our holiday (for it was as much a holiday for me as it was for her), were the five hours we spent at the Peace Bridge, thanks to my silliness and total lack of direction! Imagine entering the US without a passport! And I am not even a blonde!! Thankfully all went well and we were back home in one piece..shaken .. but still not detered from continuing our mission and covering all the malls and outlets in Southern Ontario and beyond! We also visited the US twice in two weeks, where we shopped, shopped and shopped again!

You see.. I am a shopoholic at heart and as long as anything falls within my budget, I have to have it, regardless of whether I need it or not. It's a 'women' thing..something which men find hard to comprehend. Next time you are in a mall, look all around you and check out how many shops cater for women and how many for men!

Leaving shopping aside, I will be away from Canada for a month, to the heart of shopomania - New York! More on that in another post from the Big Apple.

Despite my excitement, my happiness isn't complete.. for while I was enjoying life to the fullest a collegue and friend of mine bid the world goodbye and is finally, I hope, at peace with the world and himself. While most people back at work will only remember the screaming matches I used to have with Richard in the office when I was news editor, there sure was more in our relationship than what met the eye.

My only regret now is that I didn't have the chance to meet up with him when I was last in Bahrain, despite all the calls he made and promises I made. It is when people are gone .. or are no moooorreee... that we start asking ourselves what if ... Good bye Richard and may your soul rest in peace. At least you are in a better place now, where you won't get annoyed with deadlines, headlines and dead phone lines.


Mike C said...

Things are definitely strange at the border these days. Almost had problems getting back in the US a few weeks ago myself. The border guard wanted to see a birth certificate, of all things, to prove my US citizenship (like I couldn't make one in my garage if I were so inclined). For decades, a drivers license was always enough. Maybe passports for everyone (and a consistent policy) would be a good idea.

lady said...

I was in bahrain last year. I worked there for a year as a teacher. Such a beautiful place!

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