This should be rushed!

I am in the Big Apple... nope... not shopping... but working from my office in the United Nations.

Lots of problems here. Dafur, Iraq, Lebanon, Kosovo, migration, least developed countries, corruption, occupation and liberation are just some of the issues keeping us on our feet the whole day.

Anyway, there's lots of excitement in the air here today. George Clooney is in the building and while the men are pretending they don't care, women are changing colours, blushing and giggling like little girls!

Me? Being married, I suppose I could say I have no use with the world's sexiest bachelor!


lady said...

You lucky girl! Blurt out the details~! Is he that sexy like he is in movies? Or sexier?

FreeCyprus said...

well it's good that he spoke about Darfur

I think there are lots of people who wouldn't even know about it had it not been for a Hollywood celebrity talking about it (which is sad) but like they say in hockey..."a win is a win"

Good job on the site, keep up the good work.

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