History repeats itself .. more so in our backward countries.

What is happening in Wonderland? What is happening in the land of deMOCKratic reforms? What is happening in the kingdom where tomorrow was supposed to be a better day? And what has happened to the promise that the best days are yet to be lived?

If those are the promised days .. full of fury, anger and turmoil.. then thank you very much. I would rather decide on the place I want my children to grow up in on my own - without having to cling to the dream that there is hope in Wonderland.

I turn my back to that hell hole for a few hours and look at what had happened. Rallies. Riots. Chaos. Anarchy. (Did I miss any of my favourite words to describe the situation in Wonderland?)

Dear leaders and people,

You aren't children. And I am not your mother. I am fed up with all the squabbling. I am tired of pointing fingers. And I have had it with trying to find out whose fault was it and who cast the first stone.

You little fuckers. Please grow up.

We all aspire for a better tomorrow..and it better be soon because the world is big enough for everyone to live in peace.

It is a free world and people who have had it with backwardness and this vicious circle of every decade repeating the one before it now have a choice. Airlines have competitive fares on offer and you can land as an immigrant pretty much anywhere you want - as long as it is as far away from hell as possible.


MuppetLord said...

Pardon? I thought Bahrain had seen the last of that.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hear your exasperation and grief for the situation in your country. Your must really love it and hope it can be som much better.

While in Canada, enjoy what Canada has to offer and get into the Yuletide spirit. Hang so greenery, symbol of fertility and hang a little mistletoe to kiss your beloved friends under.

Ang get ready to go sledding when the snow is deep enough.

The Joker said...

The circus is back in town. We have been in this cycle for the last century now... so Its hard imagining how bahrain is without it.

marco said...



Catman said...

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moodyz said...

I guess this is it .

i really dont talk much about anything , I wakeup Early in the mornin , bout 5 am , do whatever i do nd get ready for the huge day , Work , Yadi yadi yadi yadi , leave work >> go to college >> Yadi yadi yadi yadi , return Home about 10 pm , fireup ma Progz on the Puter and start workin nd chatting >> ZzZzzZ @ 12 am.

That is what i do Everyday, And i dont really bother myself Reading news N papers , same sht Diffrent day .

Though i try To ignore whats happenin , but it hurtz so bad that it makes me sad [ Turns the whole Day upside down for me , just like horror movies , i dont watch them , they'll make me asd for a month].
, Not just about Bahrain , about the world that is !

Im selfish , i admit , i dont really care about whos arround me , because i hate to hear bad news , i dont like to see people i know getting Hurt , I dispatched myself from this world , i have few friends i count on 2 fingers!!

peace ? that aint ..

funny aint it ?

Kaos u say ? its even worse .
i give the world 5 more years and we shall Vanish .

Got chances in Canada , i might move there with my sweet wife , nd live there , its not a solution though .
Kaos might reach there , but it will b slower .

once it reachs , i'll jump of Niagra falls heh!!!!

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