It really can't.

I swear. My head is spinning. And it isn't because of anything I drank or ate tonight!

You all know we are new to this place. We were invited for dinner with friends tonight and as any Wonderlandis in a foreign country, we called a cab to pick us up.

The cabbie arrives, me and hubby get into the cab, chirping away in Bahraini Arabic... hehe hehehehe e... oblivious to the fact that the cabbie may understand every word we uttered.

So the cabbie starts small talk. hehe.. A cabbie starting small talk? Ok.. emmmmmmmmmmm.... brain gets into overdrive.. cabbie initiating a conversation.... then he asks: "where are you guys from?" .. Bahrain, we answer in one voice, united by a sacred pact!

"You won't believe it. I was in Bahrain for a visit," he replied.

Buffled.. Bahrain? Why would anyone be in Bahrain??

"I was there for a wedding," he continues.

"Where are you from?" I venture, the journalist in me very much alive and kicking.

"You won't believe it.. because I could be the only cabbie from my country!" he answered, sending shockwaves down my spine.

"Nothing shocks me," I lied, a habit I have earned from my job back home as the news editor of a daily news paper ;)

"I am from Kuwait," he said... hehe ... a Kuwaiti cabbie.. hehehehehe ... and hubby tipped him ;) ;) ;)

Walla .. I was so angry with hubby.. he paid him $20 for a $7 ride.. Walla..I would have paid him 10.. but 20.. no way..

I am still angry...


Sans said...

Dignity of labour. I am glad he is *working* to make a living. Not renting out a villa or an apartment in the middle east at an outrageous amount of cash. Cheers to him. As for the tip, it is well given. This would probably help other people in the Arabian world to look at work as a meaningful way of spending their time. For how long can Arabs try to imitate the colonial attitudes of an archaic Brit?

marco said...

Hello BahrainiGirl ;)

I am here to wish you a very happy xmas and a happy new year!!

... by the way, 20 for a ride of 7 is too much...


أبو سنان said...

There are more Khaliji people out there doing these types of jobs than we might think.

My wife and I met a Saudi woman, from a very well known and well to do family, working at a "7-11" corner convenience store.

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